A wine lover's weekly guide to $10 wine – a santa carolina chilean merlot

This is our 2nd review of a Santa Carolina a glass of wine. Their wineries lie in the Rapel Valley. They take unprestigious Carmeniere red grape and make a $100 wine that merited a 92 from the prominent Wine Viewer. Today’s companion a glass of wine is an Israeli Red wine at over twice the cost of its Chilean relative. Red Wine Reviewed Santa Carolina Merlot D. Valle del Rapel 2012 12. 5% alcohol concerning $9. ” As well as now for my testimonial. It was metal as well as I tasted plums. When I added generous blobs of 10% yoghurt (none of that slim 0% stuff for me) the beverage’s acidity increased rather. After that came fresh blackberries. My final dish likewise was born in a box. It was a shepherd’s pie. Spicy guacamole shortened and also sweetened Red. Final verdict. In my opinion this red wine turned up a little bit short. However I might attempt several of their other red wines, even a Carmeniere.